International Work Group

come together, work together, learn together, develop together

We have build an international, english speaking ICV-work group that is open to experienced controllers and consultants from all countries.

Target members: 
ICV members (exclusively) with at least 5 years of professional experience as controllers, and consultants, as both groups are seen as (internal) advisers in the company. Controllers should increasingly work as internal consultants in the company. This is to be professionalised in the work group.

Area of focus: 
Every year one company (target company) will be analysed in order to provide the target company with ideas, suggestions and proposals (but not end-to-end management consultancy) for modern management in all areas of the company.

Here you can download our 2019-booklet, containing all aspects of our work group.

In 2019 we will work in Badalona near Barcelona for the public transport company TUSGSAL.
More information about our first meeting there: Badalona on youtube

Our experiences in the last years:


Our target company for 2018 has been based in Berlin: AutoDOC with units in Berlin and Szczecin, a reseller of car components. AutoDOC is a 10 years old very successful start-up, growing extremely fast, always with profits...
We had four topics for our mixed teams:
1. B2B
2. Logistics
3. Controlling
4. Purchases
In the end we have got the following conclusion:

"It was an inspiring and extremely collegial collaboration with the ICV's international working group, which resulted in numerous valuable pointers for the further development of our strategy, processes and our controlling systems."

Alexej Erdle (Executive Partner)


In 2017 we have been in Slovenia: MDM d.o.o from Ljubljana Slovenia, more you can see at  MDM is a family business with 130 employees.

There we have discussed the following topics:
1.  Ideas to change company’s culture
2.  Bring awareness to the people (cleanliness, speed, working-capital, client-orientation)
3.  Excellence in performance / processes
4.  Cross-communication inside the company

"The purpose to connect with ICV was mainly control the departments financially, in a mathematical way. But immediately we figured out
importance of traditional values, leadership, relationship and emotional intelligence - so figures became as a consequences due to a proper execution of mentioned four facts. Thank you Walter and all the ICV team."

Rok Drašler, CEO and owner


In 2016 we have worked in and for LUG, a light-system company in Zielona Góra, Poland.
Also here we worked on four subjects:
1.  Integration of customers needs
2.  market design for 2020
3.  motivational system
4.  New organisation with better information / controlling

 We know: you don´t solve our problems. But you gave us a new view how to manage our company.  And this is very important for us. And what is the most impoprtant: That we change our company from a executor strategy to a responsibility strategy...“

Ryszard Wtorkowski, CEO and owner

 I strongly believe that these days with ICV will have a big impact on our organisation in the future

Eryk Wtorkowski, Managing Director

See more details: We have had great experiences there - more you can see at "experience 2016".


The target-company in 2015 has been Nomaxtrading from Piekary Śląskie near Katowice in Poland. Three teams, each consisting of members from different countries worked on these topics
1.  European markets,
2.  sales controlling and
3. management KPI´s dashboard.

The target-company Nomaxtradinghas been very satisfied with our work: "summary of our experience. We would like to say thank you to all of the ICV team as we are highly impressed with their engagement, dedication and hard work. They are wonderful, open and cheerful group of people who’s ambition leaves a strong lasting impression. The team was able to quickly ascertain our strengths and weaknesses which we hadn’t seen or didn’t want to see. Through this joint cooperation the ICV team had a very positive input on our business.
Thank you one more time!

Lukasz Janus, owner


Interested to be target-company in 2020? Here are some information: Marketing 2020


Here you can see the presentation of our work group at ICV-leading-team conference, nov. 2016:

Results Workshop

08.11.2019 – 09.11.2019 – Badalona near Barcelone
Again we will meet with our collegues from TUSGSAL in Badalona near Barcelone. After a presentation of results from the exchange meeting we will go on working in our teams. on saturday we will present the results to the company's management