International Work Group

come together, work together, learn together, develop together

We have build an international, english speaking ICV-work group that is open to experienced controllers and consultants from all countries.

Target members: 
ICV members (exclusively) with at least 5 years of professional experience as controllers, and consultants, as both groups are seen as (internal) advisers in the company. Controllers should increasingly work as internal consultants in the company. This is to be professionalised in the work group.

Area of focus: 
Every year one company (target company) will be analysed in order to provide the target company with ideas, suggestions and proposals (but not end-to-end management consultancy) for modern management in all areas of the company.

In 2017 we will go to Slovenia: MDM d.o.o from Ljubljana Slovenia, more you can see at  MDM is a family business with 130 employees

In 2016 we have worked in and for LUG, a light-system company in Zielona Góra, Poland. See more details: We have had great experiences there - more you can see at "experience 2016".

The target-company in 2015, Nomaxtrading from Piekary Śląskie near Katowice in Poland has been very satisfied with our work: "summary of our experience. We would like to say thank you to all of the ICV team as we are highly impressed with their engagement, dedication and hard work. They are wonderful, open and cheerful group of people who’s ambition leaves a strong lasting impression. The team was able to quickly ascertain our strengths and weaknesses which we hadn’t seen or didn’t want to see. Through this joint cooperation the ICV team had a very positive input on our business.
Thank you one more time!"
Lukasz Janus


Here you can see the presentation of our work group at ICV-leading-team conference, nov. 2016:

Exchange-Meeting in late summer

16.09.2017 – 17.09.2017 – London, UK
We will go on further with the team-work and present our latest team-works. Afterwards the work group-teams will be changed for getting different views and ideas to our client.

Results meeting in autumn

20.10.2017 – 21.10.2017 – Ljubljana, Slovenia
Results-Workshop (Friday from 09:00 to Saturday until 16:00 in autumn): The work group-teams will present their solutions internally, then discuss them in the overall group in order to obtain feedback and additional considerations. On the second day the results will be presented to the target company´s management.