Experience 2023

after a long time back

Having had three years of video-meetings we will come back to normal work. As in 2015 - 2019 we are travelling from all over Europe to a new target company to give them ideas to make a better job.

up to now (oct. 2022) we have five candidates and our leading-team will reassure with theses companies the potential dates in 2023; then end of 2022 we will decide "The winner is..."

Our meeting dates:

  1. March 31st  09:00 until april 1st  2023 Get-to-Know Workshop in ???
    alternatively: may 19th and 20th
  2. Sept. 23rd 09:00 - 18:00 Exchange Workshop in a European capital (Copenhagen or Zagreb or…?)
  3. Nov. 10th  and 11th  Results Workshop