International Knowledge for our Partners

Each year the members of the ICV international work group, controllers of many European countries are working for one company. We help to develop our "target-company" and will also learn ourselves to be better partners in our company.

What has been the experience of our host for 2015, Mr. Lukasz Janus, owner of Nomaxtrading, a polish company for meat nets:

"We would like to say thank you to all of the ICV team as we are highly impressed with their engagement, dedication and hard work. They are wonderful, open and cheerful group of people who’s ambition leaves a strong lasting impression. The team was able to quickly ascertain our strengths and weaknesses which we hadn’t seen or didn’t want to see. Through this joint cooperation the ICV team had a very positive input on our business.

Thank you one more time! "

Company advantages

Advantages for the “target company”:

Companies from all countries in Europe may apply to be considered for this ICV support and will enjoy normally very expensive advantages.

- opening the sight for new solutions

- learning from the experience of an international team, consisting of experienced experts in controlling / consulting

Besides hotel, meeting rooms and meals, the company will not incur costs. If several applications are submitted, ICV corporate members will have priority.

The work group's leadership team will make the final decision about the target company.
A brief summary of the work group's results – in agreement with the target company – will be published on the ICV's home page.

The members of the international work group can help You to find solutions or at least information to answer for instance the following questions:

Country knowledge

-    What should we do to start production in a new country XYZ ?

-    What is the best way to open a (sales) company in XYZ ?

-    What kind of taxes we have to pay in XYZ ?

-    With which kind of products we should start in XYZ ?

Reporting / Controlling 

-    Which are the most important figures for our company ?

-    How should we organise controlling without spending too much ?

-    We need a smart reporting system – how to manage it ?

-    Employees engagement improvement with soft controlling responsibility reporting philosophy

-    Controlling processes optimisation by professional controlling concept (better quality of management information reporting, analysis, communication)

-    How to get efficiently an up to date Management Reporting?

-    Do You have proposals for the improvement of our sales-force


-    What are your recommendations to initiate a strategy-process ?

-    What is the best way to start a Balanced Scorecard ?

-    Set of KPI for achieving strategic goals

-    Modern profitability analysis for strategic decisions (products, projects, customers, regions etc.)

-    How could we pay more attention for innovation ?

-    How to implement new product ideas? - R&D-Controlling


-    Could You give help to save costs in our processes ?

-    How to install an easy system for liquidity ?

-    Are our Processes reliable and effective, or can we improve by reviewing our core processes?


-    Can you assist and recommend implementing a new ERP System to automise processes and workflow?

-    Are there any IT projects that we need to implement to improve efficiancy, transparence and to be prepare for future advantages

Human ressources

-    What changes in our organisation are needed to providing a work area that enables us to sucessfully face future opportunities

-    How can we use public media for our business 

financial ressources

-    Working Capital Management

-    How to get more liquidity for my company?