Our yearly time-table

We are working from beginning of june to end of october for one company, having at least three meetings and lots of communication in-between:

  1. Get-to-Know Workshop (Friday from 09:00 to Saturday until 16:00 in june): 
    On Friday morning the participants will take a guided tour through the target company. When doing so, the company's management will request assistance with up to four subject areas. 
    Afterwards and on Saturday morning work group-teams (each with between 4 and 6 participants) will be formed to address these subject areas. Presence is obligatory.
  2. Preparation time (approx. 6 months):
    The 3 – 4 work group-teams will work independently to address their respective subject area. Internal communication will take place via Skype, telephone conference calls, etc., although personal meetings are also possible.
  3. Exchange Workshop: On a saturday in september we will go on further with the team-work and in the afternoon we will present the results of our team-works. Afterwards the work group-teams will be changed for getting different views and ideas to our client. For those who do not know the selected city we will organise a tourist-program on sunday. The meeting will occur in a central european city so the travel will not be to costful in time and money. For this exchange-meeting mus be present at least one person of each team, better of course all participants of the international work group. But attending this weekend is not obligatory.
  4. Results Workshop (Friday from 09:00 to Saturday until 16:00 in october):
    The work group-teams will present their respective solutions internally, then discuss them in the overall group in order to obtain feedback and additional considerations. On the second day the results will be presented to the company's management. Presence is obligatory.

Companies from all countries in Europe may apply to be considered for this ICV support. Besides hotel, meeting rooms and meals, the company will not incur costs. If several applications are submitted, ICV corporate members will have priority. The work group's leadership team will make the final decision about the target company.

The participants must be willing to commit a significant amount of their time: 4 travel days as well as 2–5 days between the two workshops in order to address the subject area. Each work group participant will be responsible for their own travel costs. Anyone who works in a team and leaves before the assignment is finished will be prohibited from participating in further meetings of this work group for the next two years (of course there will be exceptions.....).

The maximum number of participants in the work group is 15; the work group's leadership team should be as international as possible, consisting of 4 people.  Initially, Herwig Friedag sets up the work group; two or three years later, he will pass on the responsability as work group leaders to a successor.

The work group meetings will be held on Fridays and Saturdays at or near to the office of the target company.

Agenda of the meetings

1. Get-to-Know Meeting in june

best                Arrival at the target-company the evening before

09:00             Welcome by the head of the company/ head of controlling
10:00             Guided tour through the company
11:30             Personal introduction

13:00             Lunch

14:00             Explanation of the questions from the Managing Director and Head of Controlling
15:00             Conduct interviews with company representatives and discussion of the questions;
                      brain storming
17:00             Define the topics of the teams
                      (one employee from the company can participate in each of the teams)

18:00             Travel to the hotel
19:00             Dinner
21:00             Get together

09:00             Work group begins to address its subject area

13:00             Joint lunch

14:00             Presentation and discussion of the first results
16:00             Travel home

2. Ongoing preparation during the year; communication via e-mail, telephone conference calls, Skype or personal meetings

3. Exchange Meeting in september

09:00            team-work on the subject 

13:00             Lunch

14:00             Presentation of the work group results , discussion

17:00             forming new groups to get different views and ideas

09:00             tourist-programm

13:00             Lunch

14:00             farewell & travel home

4. Results Meeting in october
Best: arrival the evening before

09:00              we will start to present the team-presentations with subsequent discussion of the work group results

13:00             Lunch

14:00             further preparation
17:00             last internal presentation of the revised work results

19:30             Dinner and socialising

09:00             Presentation of the work group results to the company's management, discussion

13:00             Lunch

14:00             Organisational matters
16:00             farewell and travel home

Employees from competitive companies may not participate in the workshops. Participants in the work group will have a duty of confidentiality about its work.  Participants in the workshops must agree to obtain the consent of the work group's leaders prior to accepting paid work as consultants for the target company.

A brief summary of the work group's results – in agreement with the target company – will be published on the ICV's home page.

The target company will bear costs for hotel, meeting rooms and meals. Each work group participant will be responsible for his own travel expenses.