ENG: Rethinking realities for controlling and finance / ICV conference shows solutions from practice

"The crisis is both an opportunity and a final deadline!" - Nicolas Matten from Stiebel Eltron sums up the ambivalence of the effects of the pandemic in his keynote. Mind shift is a must, also in controlling. Linking different perspectives of corporate management in an interdisciplinary manner is a central challenge for controllers. Therefore, the new realities for controlling and finance are the focus of the online conference of the International Association of Controllers (ICV) on November 26.

At the Controlling Competence Stuttgart (CCS) for the first time as an online conference, the participants can expect a full program. Keynotes form the framework of the all-day event, the centerpiece of which is twelve sessions on six main topics of corporate management. In lectures, panel discussions and interactions, new approaches to controlling are presented, theses are explained, questions are discussed and experiences are exchanged.

Participants can choose from performance, sustainability, finance, new work, controller’s toolbox and digitization / automation. Among other things, the questions are explained as to whether business analytics and simulations should belong to the controller’s toolbox and how digitization and automation can be used more effectively for controlling and financial processes. Performance explores the question of how companies manage to become more flexible, increase efficiency and reduce costs at the same time. In accounting and company valuation – due to the corona – special challenges arise. Finance looks at how this affects accounting policy. New work explores the principles of leadership and collaboration that are used to successfully shape company-wide cooperation. In the sense of “sustainability”, sustainable management has also been an issue for controllers since the EU’s Green Deal at the latest.

Keynote speaker Carl Braun, Director Corporate Controlling at Kärcher, shows how effective controlling contributes to crisis management and which analyzes are necessary to take the right countermeasures in the event of a crisis. For him, crisis preparation and management are part of the central role of controlling. He also explains how Kärcher is adapting the budget process in 2021 to the new situation. New company-relevant laws and their effects presents Dr. Eren Basar, lawyer for criminal law at Wessing & Partner in the final keynote.

Can controlling also be fun? Yes, say the CCS organizers. And they have rethought networking in online formats. The conference participants can exchange ideas in the virtual world like at a face-to-face event. You immerse yourself in a 3D live atmosphere. In virtual lecture rooms you can experience presentations and interactive workshops with modern conference software. Outdoor lounges invite you to chat with colleagues. Meeting corners offer space to make contacts and network. Instead of just passively at the computer, the participant is in the middle of it in the truest sense of the word.

The 18th CCS on November 26, 2020 is therefore “the place to be” - for everyone who is in the mood for something new, wants to go innovative ways and rely on the organizing competence of the ICV. The mix of current controlling expertise and an extensive network is the quality promise of the ICV. With around 6,000 members and more than 200 corporate members today, the ICV has developed into a controlling competence address in Europe in 45 years - also because you never rest on what you have achieved, but consciously promote professionalization, emphasizes Managing Director Carmen Zillmer: " Mind shift is the sign of the times, not only in controlling, but also for us as ICV. We are therefore looking forward to taking visitors of the CCS this autumn on new paths”.

The number of participants is limited due to the virtual 3D experience. We therefore recommend you to secure a place in good time. All information and registration for CCS at: icv-controlling.com/en/ccs

The ICV (International Association of Controllers) has in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland and 12 other countries in Central and Eastern Europe around 6,000 members active in practical controlling. The key objective of the ICV controlling philosophy is reaching permanent economic success. With its honorary chairman Dr. Albrecht Deyhle the Association, founded in 1975, has shaped the controlling in German speaking countries placed and influenced. The ICV merges controllers, CFOs, managers and scientists and it is strictly oriented on its members’ benefit. Experience, communication and being focused on future-oriented trends are foundations of the ICV. The ICV combines practical experience with the latest research results and prepares its knowledge for practical implementation. The ICV makes personal contribution to the success of its members and to the sustainable performance of companies. Prof. Dr. Heimo Losbichler, FH Steyr, is the Chairman of the ICV, Vice Chairman of the ICV is Matthias von Daacke, BLANCO GmbH & Co. KG.

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