ICV Live Webinar: ICV‘s International Work Group introduces itself

Within ICV, there are approximately 30 Work Groups, mainly in Central Europe, with a community-oriented structure. However, one stands out - the ICV International Work Group. This is an international, English-speaking ICV work group that is open to experienced controllers and consultants from all countries. Team members come from various places all over Europe, from 10 countries at the moment.

Every year, one company (the target company) is analysed in order to provide it with ideas, suggestions, and proposals (but not end-to-end management consultancy) for modern management in all areas of the company.

At the webinar, we would like to present the group, its members and what they do, but most of all the benefits for the target company and its members. We believe it’s a win-win situation.

Our Guests:

  • Herwig Friedag is a visionary who loves to work with people of different cultures.   
  • Axel Ehberger is the current leader of the International Work Group.
  • Members of the International Work Group will share reasons to join and work in the group. See the members of the International Work Group
  • Target companies: why they decided to work this way, expectations and benefits for the company.

More details about WG’s present and past experience can be reached here ICV International Work Group Experience

Guests (among others)

Axel Ehberger, Barcelona

Head of the International Work Group. 

Dr. Herwig Friedag, Berlin

The initiative of connected professionals from many countries, learning by experience and supporting one European Company per year, was created by Herwig Friedag in 2014.