ENG: Controlling Newcomer Award to Graz, Nürnberg and Krefeld

Bettina Schoberegger, FH Joanneum, Graz, receives the first place for master thesis "Goal conflicts in Working Capital Management - optimization of internal and external logistics processes through improved interaction".

Berlin/München, November 9, 2015 – The International Controller Association (ICV) gave the Controlling Newcomer Award 2015 on Saturday (November 7) in Berlin. The first award went to Dipl.-Ing. Bettina Schoberegger from the FH Joanneum in Graz. Second place was given twice, to: Thomas Weiszdorn (Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Nürnberg) and Daniel Erlemann (University Niederrhein). The award ceremony took place during the ICV Conference Controlling Innovation Berlin - CIB 2015 in Berlin-Adlershof.

The winning work of Bettina Schoberegger, "Goal conflicts in Working Capital Management - optimization of internal and external logistics processes through improved interaction", has been cared for in Graz by Prof. Dr. Martin Tschandl. The work of Thomas Weiszdorn, "Influence of the distribution strategy to the market-oriented enterprise value - empirical analysis of international company listed on the stock", supervised in Nürnberg Professor Thomas M. Fischer. The master thesis of Daniel Erlemann, "Development of method for adequate consideration of the energy costs in the context of energy management system according to ISO 50001: 2011 in small and medium sized enterprises on the example of Frankenberg GmbH", supervised in Krefeld by Prof. Ulrich Nissen.

The winners were chosen by a Jury headed by Prof. Dr. Ute Vanini, University Kiel, Faculty of Economics. To the jury belong Gerhard Radinger, Trainer CA Controller Academie in Wörthsee by München, Dr. Hendrik Vater, CFO DHL Supply Chain Southern Europe, CFO Life Science & Healthcare Logistics DHL Supply Chain EMEA, Member of the ICV Board of Trustees, and Ulrich Wilke, Berlin.

Master thesis for optimization of the Working Capital in the company

In her master thesis, the young laureate was engaged in the optimization of Working Capital of enterprises. As an isolated optimization of Working Capital in various functional areas can lead to negative effects in the supply chain, optimizations must be coordinated and mutual impacts on the supply chain must be considered. It can be achieved in Working Capital Management through an approach of holistic and coordinated processes in the entire supply chain. For this purpose it is necessary to identify and analyze the factors influencing the Working Capital and, in particular, their interactions. In her speech the jury chairman, Prof. Dr. Ute Vanini, emphasized that the winning thesis dealt with "a current and very relevant issue, since a reduced capital commitment contributes significantly to the profitability and liquidity of an enterprise."

In his master thesis Thomas Weiszdorn examined, according to the Jury for the first time, the influence of the distribution strategy to the market-oriented enterprise value based on an international sample of numerous companies.The empirical analysis could reveal the positive impact of selected distribution strategies in the short and long-term sales development and demonstrate the (over) return on development, but not to the capital market performance.

At the master thesis of Daniel Erlemann the Jury recognized “the comprehensive and structural work on the problem close to praxis”. The 2nd prize winner developed concrete and directly applicable solutions for improved including of the energy costs in the contribution margin accounting of a company. “So he succeeded in the theory – praxis – transfer“.

Developing innovative solutions for the praxis during the studies

With the Controlling Newcomer Award the ICV promotes young controllers who during their studies develop innovative economical solutions for practical problems of controlling. Professors gain recognition as well because they care for praxis in their teaching and research and support their students. "For the controller practice it is very important that students during their studies work not only with theoretical concepts and methods, but also with the practical use” – says Prof. Vanini.

Controlling Newcomer Award is sponsored with 4,000 EUR. The award goes in 2/3 to the graduates and in 1/3 to the promotors of the thesis. The award given every year since 2005 is sponsored by Haufe Verlag and Haufe Academy and given during the conference Controlling Innovation Berlin - CIB .

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