There is no digitization with improvisation

ICV Live Webinar Digitization is a topic in which controllers should be a very important factor. Indeed, they are often the leaders of some digitization projects. Digitization does not tolerate a disorganized system, improvisations, or unclear tasks. This is precisely why controlling understands the preconditions necessary for digitization so well.

Controllers don't have to wait for these projects to happen only "from the top". They can contribute a lot with ideas, which do not have to be expensive, with tools that the company already uses, but can be used in an innovative way to improve any process, including the controlling process itself. For example, controllers can build a big part of the cost controlling through DMS and at the same time thereby improve the process of management, procurement, bookkeeping, and cost planning for all departments. Or next example - controllers can automate the calculation of transport costs for each customer through route optimization software in our fleet of delivery vehicles...

Controlling can and should be a change manager, a leader of digitization, and an innovator full of ideas to get the most out of digital.

The Speaker

Jasmina Očko, MSc, Croatia
Consultant for the implementation of controlling and trainer in the field of controlling in Kontroling Kognosko d.o.o.

Jasmina Očko continuously collects the latest controlling and managerial accounting know-how in Europe and America and implements it in Croatian and regional companies. She is a lecturer of the licensed program of the Controller Akademie Munich, the leading German controlling academy. She is also Leader of the ICV Work Group Croatia I.

Jasmina is the organizer of the biggest controlling conference in the region, and several kinds of training sessions for controllers and manager.

She is also the author of one of the bestselling books on controlling in Croatia “Controlling – Management from the Backstage.”