Thank you for being with us at the 11th ICCC in Croatia


Consulting company Kontroling Kognosko and Lider Media


ICV International Association of Controllers

Official language

Presentations will be held in Croatian and English with simultaneous translation.

What we have prepared for you this year

The 11th ICCC brings you everything you need to know about modern management and controlling.

The world is undergoing a digital transformation and we are witnessing a strong shift towards environmental sustainability and the green economy. Management is changing at a phenomenal rate and new generations of employees are laying down new rules almost daily.
And in the market unpredictability awaits.

Because many factors, some of which completely new, are intertwined in today’s business, synergy is now the key to success. This may include all possible links that enable progress – inter-functional synergies, synergies between leadership and employees, technology and people, synergies between innovation and advancement, learning and development, social and environmental synergies, and certainly financial and operational synergies.

What topics we will have the opportunity to listen to:

— Synergy – “the word of the year”
— Today’s management – how it tackles new challenges
— Adaptability, flexibility, agility – the condition of survival
— Growth and digital transformation – a knowledge-seeking venture
— Changes in small and medium-sized enterprises – how to succeed like big companies
— Data-driven management – controlling as self-evident
— Planning under current conditions – many things are changing
— Sustainability and ESG – an issue that is here to stay
— Teamwork and employees as the most important factor – absolute center of attention


Why these topics?

The extremely rapid development of technology requires managers to monitor trends and innovations in order to remain competitive. Growth alongside digital transformation requires adaptation and creation of agile organisations, process automation and optimisation of operations.
Market conditions and customer demands are in a state of constant flux. Flexibility allows companies to react quickly to changes in demand, competition, and trends.
Flexibility and agility enable companies to quickly change strategy, products or services in order to meet changing market needs, while openness to innovation and market research allows for new business opportunities.

At the same time, employees’ mindset is changing. The traditional hierarchical approach to management is becoming less popular, and agile methods are being adopted as they bring faster adaptation to change and a greater autonomy to employees as well as enhanced teamwork.

Finding, retaining and developing quality talents has become a major challenge.
Managers need to be very creative in attracting highly-skilled employees to ensure the success of their organization.

These are all the reasons why we need to talk extensively and regularly about good experiences and share our knowledge.

What are the main reasons for attending the conference:

— You will listen to unique stories about hot topics and the most current issues in the world of modern management and controlling
— Great lecturers from Germany, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia will share good news and first-hand experiences
— You will enjoy networking with 200-300 visitors from Croatia and abroad, our sponsors and partners
— If you have not done so already, you will learn about ICV, the largest international association of controllers in the world.

What messages we can expect

In modern business many factors are intertwined, and this is why synergy has become paramount. It provides us with the opportunity to achieve greater results and impacts.
When different talents and resources are combined, the productivity and efficiency of the organisation grow.
When people work together in a synergistic environment, a sense of belonging and community develops. This team spirit enhances employee motivation and engagement.

Synergies should enable an organisation to create unique competitive advantages through a more efficient and flexible resolution of any complex problems.


See you on November 17, 2023, live in Zagreb!

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This was the 10th ICCC International Controlling Conference Croatia on November 11, 2022 live in Zagreb

What we have prepared for you this year

The 10th ICCC will offer up-to-date insights into controlling and the current state of economic affairs in Croatia, the region, and the world.

The world will never be the same again. For the first time ever, we are going through a digital transformation and a shift toward environmental sustainability and a green economy while at the same time trying to survive a global pandemic, a war, and its subsequent economic crisis. Now, more than ever, it is clear that only those who adapt to change will survive.


The organizers are consulting company Kontroling Kognosko and media company Lider media under the patronage of ICV.

Official language

Presentations will be held in Croatian and English with simultaneous translation.

Registration fee

  • Early bird till 30 September - 166 EUR + VAT
  • Regular price from October 1 - 193 EUR + VAT
  • ICV members – 153 EUR + VAT


  • 10% discount to Lider magazine subscribers
  • 10% discount for 3 – 6 members from the same company
  • 20% for 7 or more members from the same company
  • 50% for students
  • Discounts do not add up.

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What topics will we cover?

  • Agility, volatility
  • Supply chains
  • Innovation, business models, servitization
  • Digitalization, information-based management…
  • Sustainable development, ESG reporting and EU Taxonomy

Why these topics?

The rules on how to manage companies have changed overnight. What was true yesterday is no longer true today. We need to simultaneously survive and grow, transform and preserve what was good.

The road ahead is unknown, uncertain and fraught with challenges and unpredictable outcomes. In this storm, many will find new niches, many will change direction completely, and some will lose their way, but one thing is for sure – the storm will not pass quickly.

When it seems that we are no longer managing anything and no one is in control of the situation, the most crucial thing is to have accurate and up-to-date information. Every crisis so far has taken controlling to the next level, and the same is true this time.

The rules have changed overnight. Until recently, we tried to keep production as lean as possible, optimise stocks, plan costs and ensure that employees met KPIs. The customer was king. Our focus was on expanding market share and increasing our bargaining power, but now we know that we were just enjoying the benefits of a peaceful period.

All of this has changed completely. Production has come to a halt due to a lack of raw materials, obtaining safety stocks is a considerable feat, costs have become non-negotiable, and employees have never been more important. Plans have been transformed into rolling forecasts with the aim of predicting what tomorrow holds. The customer can no longer be king. That story has come to an end.

Bargaining power is no longer at the center of discussions, revenues are not at the top of the agenda, but profitability is.

The important thing is to survive. And to keep going.


Why should you attend the conference?

  • Outstanding speakers and high-quality lectures, first-hand experiences
  • Key topics that managers and controllers across the globe are discussing
  • A unique opportunity to learn about new trends and the responsibilities that lie ahead
  • Networking, meeting new people, and gaining insight into tools that support controlling
  • Learning about the work of ICV, the International Association of Controllers


What messages we can expect

During this time of crisis, the smart management of limited resources should be moderated by moving away from everything that is not essential and does not generate profit. The priority should be to focus on the most profitable existing revenue sources and be innovative when planning new ones.

But the greatest attention must now be paid to the employees. None of the above will be possible without agile teams composed of innovative people committed to a new strategy and tactics.

In order to reach this goal, a complete transformation is needed whereby the employees will truly become the most important asset.

Investing in people, their well-being, education, and training is an absolute must. The current labour crisis will certainly change how employees’ contributions are valued, which will consequently improve their status.

Requirements in terms of the knowledge, quality and commitment to ideas that employees need to possess will also change. It is also crucial to set clear parameters for transparent evaluation and rewards to encourage proactivity and a sense of achievement. Controlling will have to answer a number of new questions.

Considerable changes and challenges lie ahead, and this period will go down in history as an era of great threats and opportunities. This is why we can say that now is the time to act with controlling of the new era.

See you on November 11, 2022, live in Zagreb!


Topics and speakers

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More about the speakers and their topics

Conference opening Jasmina Očko, Croatia

VUCA, digitalization and change of role of a Controller: How implementation and adoption of agile concepts help us to cope with current challenges  
Jochen Fellhauer, Germany
Head of Global Controlling Learning Agent Network, Agile Coach and Org Development Expert

Procurement Controlling – Steering Procurement's value-add
Christoph Kopp, Austria
Associate Partner | Head of Industrial & Consumer Goods Practice Austria
Horváth & Partners Management Consultants

How to create added value in cooperation with suppliers Nataša Cikaš, Croatia
Cronata d.o.o.


Mega Trend Servitization – a new challenge for Managers and Controllers
Prof. Dr. Ronald Gleich, Germany
Academic Director, Co-Head of ICV-Think Tank & Member of the Board of IGC
Center for Performance Management & Controlling Frankfurt School

Pitfalls in data analysis
Miroslav Varga, Croatia
Martech specialist
Escape d.o.o. Osijek

Crisis management for the new era
Ivana Ravlić, Croatia
Mesna industrija Ravlić d.o.o.

Barbara Vuković, Croatia
Metal Product d.o.o.

Marijana Širić Sabljo, Croatia
Weltplast d.o.o.
Matija Bilandžija, Croatia
Čateks d.d.

Dinko Magazin, Croatia
part owner and a member of the companys board of directors
Polleo Sport d.o.o.

Lunch break

Future of Controlling, Why do we speack about the new role of controlling?
Denis Petrović, Austria
Member of the Board

Get ready for sustainable future - Changes that Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive ("CSRD") will bring to our business
Slaven Kartelo, Croatia
PricewaterhouseCoopers Savjetovanje d.o.o.

How to overcome resistance
Gordana Kastrapeli, Croatia
Consultant, trainer & coach at Mynd
Mynd d.o.o.

Looking forward to seeing you on November 10th 2023!