Understanding income and other statements with ease and speed

Find out the IBCS guidelines for the consistent design of tables

Learn how the application of IBCS guidelines successfully impacts the effectiveness of FP&A communication.

Using some tables from annual reports of well-known companies, Jürgen will show how easily we can improve legibility. After all, we create tables for people who want to understand them quickly in order to make accurate decisions.

Learn how to:

  • show the meaning of table rows and columns
  • define logical sequences for rows and columns
  • avoid misinterpretation of cost figures and their variances
  • speed-up interpretation by adding visual elements

The Speakers

Edyta Szarska

Edyta Szarska is the IBCS® Certified Trainer at the IBCS Institute and founder of Controlling Partner in Poland. Edyta is focused on controlling development for better decision making by improving communication between financials and business.

Edyta Szarska
Trainer in IBCS Institute
IBCS Ambassador
Controlling international expert


Dr. Jürgen Faisst

On a mission to enhance the legibility of reports, presentations and dashboards by applying a consistent visual design. Experienced C-level manager, appreciated instructor, well-versed notation expert, passionate musician and frequent key-note speaker at international  conferences. 

Jürgen Faisst
CEO and Co-Founder at IBCS Institute
Trainer for IBCS