20. Adriatic Controlling Conference will take place in 2024

ACC Adriatic Controlling Conference was postponed from May 2023 to 2024.

Flashback: This was the 19. ACC Adriatic Controlling Conference

19. Adriatic Controlling Conference: Smart Controlling

May, 26/27 2022, Park Postojna Cave, Slovenia

For the 19th time, experts from Slovenia and Evrope, are invited to participate at the annual Adriatic Controlling Conference. Quality expertise, excellent speakers and perfect organization are the reasons that every year convince controllers, managers, financiers, academics and other profiles to save the date for this event.

Our guests come from Germany and Poland, but mostly from Slovenia; they are from different companies and different industries. Our key speaker will be Mrs. Claudia Maron, Head of digital & sustainable Economy, DATEV eG and ICV Board member. This year, one section is dedicated to Family Business, a very important part of the Slovenian economy and that is why we also invited a speaker from Poland, Mrs. Anna Włodarczyk; she is from the world known Family Business Institute Poland. Program

19. Adriatic Controlling Conference:

  • 20 topics and presenters from Slovenia and Europe
  • controllers, managers,  CFOs, IT experts and others
  • best business practice
  • new trends and ideas for todays a very challenging time
  • SMART controlling and innovative controlling solutions
  • BI tool, a way to effective decisions
  • great atmosphere, networking, attractions and surprises