ICV topic of the year 2022/2023/2024: Digitization & Agility

Digitization is changing requirements and tasks in controlling and thus also the job profile of controllers. In 2016, the ICV Expert Work Group BI/Big Data was reorganized in controlling and in 2017 the ICV Digitization Offensive started, including webinars, business innovation labs, mailings and publications. In 2017/2018, the ICV Think Tank, a top-class committee with masterminds in controlling, also dealt extensively with this key issue. In recent years, digitization and agility have always been the focus of the ICV central event, the Congress of Controllers, but also at the autumn conferences and in ICV live webinars. Several expert work groups of the ICV are dedicated to the questions and conclusions on these key topics, currently DCC Digital Controlling Competence, Digital CFO Agenda, Agile Controlling and Digital Transformation.

The ICV has focused on digitization and agility for many years and, as usual, has supported controllers with its offers in conveying the new realities that result from this for controlling as well as has supported everyone involved in controlling and corporate management with best practice in a wide variety of formats .

In order to clarify the continuing importance of digitization & agility, the ICV has declared it as the official ICV topic of the year in 2022. On this page you can find all relevant information and news.

Discussions on digitization and agility

Agile design of company-wide management

Marie-Luise Lehmann together with Ulrich Egle heads the ICV Expert Work Group Agile Controlling. At the 46th Congress of Controllers, she presented her view of agile corporate management in a lecture. Peter Bluhm from atvisio.TV talked to her about it. In the interview, Lehmann gives answers to the question of where agile approaches can be used in the company and what effects they have on controlling and the CFO area.

The moderator on the topic cluster "Agile corporate management"

Matthias von Daacke, Vice-Chairman of the ICV Board, in conversation with the Performance Manager Podcast / atvisio.TV about the  über die work results of the Topic Cluster "Agile Corporate Management" as part of the 46th Congress of Controllers (German).

The topic cluster Digitization at the 46th Congress of Controllers 2022

The "Predictive Planning Challenge" was announced in the topic cluster Digitalization at the 46th Congress of Controllers. Three companies presented their respective solutions using a business case as an example. Presented by Robert Tischler from BARC GmbH:

  • Julian Kestler / Wolfgang von Loeper, Jedox
  • Martin Winkler / Daniele Tedesco, Cubeweise
  • Heinrich Nordsieck & Markus Begerow, Coplanner

Peter Bluhm from atvisio.TV asked the organizers of the challenge what they thought about the event.

Digitization & agility are also ICV topics of the year. See more here.

Agile performance management in practice using Vetter Pharma as an example

Oliver K.D. Watz and Claudio Galbusera in the speech at the ICV Congress of Controllers 2022, but also in an interview with Peter Bluhm from atvisio.TV. Among other things, they report on role models in controlling and instruments of practiced agility.

Digital competence for controllers

Alex Hein, Head of the ICV Expert Work Group Digital Controlling Competence founded in 2021, explains the work of his expert work group to Peter Bluhm from atvisio.TV This involves data availability, processes, systems and analysis options, but above all the requirements for controllers. The expert work group relies on the mixture of theory and practice and supports controllers with concrete recommendations for action.

Do you have a reading tip?

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Reading tip: Grüne fahren SUV und Joggen macht unsterblich (in German)

About the risks and side effects of non-statistics

Reading tip from Claudia Maron, Head of Digital & Sustainable Economy, DATEV eG: 

Digitization makes data available for almost every process in seemingly all areas of life. There is almost nothing left in business that cannot be measured, counted and tracked. That alone is not enough. Data must be sorted and evaluated. In the end, it is important to draw conclusions from the result. How well does that work? The authors of the Spiegel bestseller "Grüne fahren SUV und Joggen macht unsterblich", psychologist Gerd Gigerenzer, data analysis expert Katharina Schüller, economist Thomas Bauer and statistician Walter Krämer have been diagnosing for ten years a kind of illiteracy in their "#Unstatistic of the Month", dealing with numbers, with probabilities and risks.

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Reading tips

Reading tip (English): Controlling & Agility - Fundamentals, Approaches, Examples and Recommendations for the Future Finance Function

Prof. Dr. Heimo Losbichler, ICV Chairman of the Board, recommends the new expert reading (May 2022) of the IGC International Group of Controlling, where he is also the Chairman:

In a VUCA environment, controllers need to act even more dynamic and flexible to meet the changing demands of management. Agility emerges as a recipe for success in this context. It describes the quick recognition and adaptation of changes by flexibly adapting processes, resources, or activities to new requirements for better goal achievement. Thus, agility is based not only on instrumental agile approaches, but also the provision of agile values and principles. Agility is an umbrella term, that can encompass everything from an individual perspective through internal/external up to organisational agility – which we concentrate on in this book.

We have identified 46 agile approaches and describe them in detail regarding core terms, instruments, functioning, and pros & cons.

With eleven implementation examples from practice, we illustrate the application of several approaches, as well as the possible changes and wins, but also the pitfalls. They range from renowned global production companies like Bosch towards small and medium sized service organisations.

The book closes with applications recommendations regarding the use of the 46 agile approaches as well as necessary process and competence changes. 

Reading top (English): IGC Study Report - Digitization in Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting

Prof. Dr. Heimo Losbichler, ICV Chairman of the Board, recommends the current Study (May 2022) of the IGC International Group of Controlling, where he is also the Chairman:

The IGC study sets out to explore the application of digital instruments and digitalized processes in corporate planning, budgeting and forecasting. 

Companies pursue a variety of goals with the introduction of technologies in planning, budgeting and forecasting. Besides reducing variances and improving the quality of planning and forecasting, there is also a push to increase automation and the associated reduction in costs. It is apparent that the current state of digitization in planning, budgeting and forecasting is low and the adoption of technologies is still limited.

The study hints to several roadblocks for digitization. The main obstacles are the lack of knowledge and insufficient capacities. Problems of acceptance and an insufficient information base are also a challenge. The case for introducing digital technologies is also hard to make, especially in regard to financial outcomes.

eBook Jedox & Microsoft: How AI supports the finance department (in German)

The use of artificial intelligence enables smart, automated forecasting and performance management processes. AI thus creates the basis for faster and better decisions. The eBook by Jedox in cooperation with Microsoft uses current use cases to show how AI can promote the digital transformation of companies. For example, the Apex hotel group was able to increase the accuracy of its sales forecasts to up to 99%.

Jedox is an exhibitor at the 46th Congress of Controllers on May 9/10 in Munich and takes part in the Predictive Planning Challenge

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Materials on digitization and agility

Awards and lighthouse projects

Digital Champions Award under the patronage of the Federal Ministry of Economics

Every year, Wirtschaftswoche and Telekom Deutschland present the Digital Champions Award nationally and regionally in four categories:

  • Digital products and services
  • Digital processes & organization
  • Digital customer experience
  • Digital transformation in medium-sized companies

German SMEs that have been in the market for more than 5 years are eligible to participate. With their application, they prove that they are sustainably successful in the context of digital transformation or that their approach is exemplary in dealing with digital transformation.

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ICV Ambassador Digitizaton

Alexander Hein
Head of the Expert Work Group
DCC Digital Controlling Competence

ICV Ambassador Agility

Marie-Luise Lehmann
Co-Head of the Expert Work Group
Agile Controlling