ICV - The Original

The International Association of Controllers (ICV) was founded by graduates of the Controller Academy in Gauting, Munich in 1975 as the first of its kind. With its Honorary Chairman, Dr Albrecht Deyhle, the Association has made a lasting impression on the controlling scene in the German-speaking region, and has set standards for the profession.  In the meantime, the ICV numbers over 6,000 members in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland and over ten other countries in Central and Eastern Europe. Today, the ICV is the international address for controlling expertise.

We develop and represent society's image of the controller

between the different interest groups both within companies and organisations as well as between them.

between the different “languages​​" that result from the perspective of different tasks, responsibilities and cultural experiences as well as from the differences in the industry and subject-specific knowledge base.

who is also a partner of management when preparing decisions at all levels of leadership.

who embodies an independent professional image based on a practical and widely accepted training (e.g., IGC certification).

for the organisation's business economics.

Represented in 16 countries

This enables the sharing of ideas both within these countries and across borders. The ICV's publications are sometimes translated into English or into the local country language. By building up local controlling expertise, we support international corporations in Europe.