Digital CFO Agenda - challenges and solutions for the Swiss companies

We want to focus on digital transformation of the CFO agenda and thereby contribute to the further development of controlling.

Digital trends and new technologies offer diverse opportunities for Swiss companies.

For this we are looking for members who actively shape and take responsibility for digital change processes in the company.

Our goal is to learn from each other: what works, what does not work in practice? What conclusions can we draw from this?

For this purpose, we meet two or three times a year to discuss new innovative ways together and to make our results available to the wider public through articles, blog posts and presentations.

We are looking for managers from the financial sector who are interested in active cooparation with the aim of publishing. The group is for ICV members.

More information here.

The expert work group is currently fully staffed, but if you are interested, please contact Dirk Schäfer, Florian Hohmann or Markus Steiner.