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Come to our Autumn Conferences 2023 and secure your knowledge base and advantage for the coming year. The ICV supports you. It brings information, experiences, tips and assistance on all aspects of controlling and corporate management to your region. Decide now for your future in controlling by participating.

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The ICV is a recognized provider for the promotion of vocational training, including student assistance. On request you will receive a certificate of participation.

ICV Autumn Conferences 2023: Dates and links at a glance

On-site/ German / Switzerland

September 20: CTS Controlling Conference Switzerland
"Future skills in controlling: With these skills, controlling is prepared for the future"
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On-site/ German / Germany

September 23: Regional Conference North
"Controlling North German - avoiding cliffs"
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On-site/ German/ Austria

September 28: ICV Health Care Forum
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On-site / English / Croatia

November 17: ICCC International Controlling Conference Croatia
"The Power of Synergy"
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On-ste/ German / Germany

Especially for holders of an ICV corporate membership: From the second registration for the East Conference, you only pay 50% of the participation fee.

November 17/18: East Conference
"Controlling with a bite"
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On-site / German / Austria

November 24: CIS Controlling Insights Steyr
"ChatGPT, CSRD, De-Risking & Co - Challenge Accepted", ICV Newcomer Award is presented here
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ICV Autumn Conferences 2023: Program details

September, 20, 9.10 - 16.30: Welcome to the canton of Zug!

  • Controlling Conference Switzerland
  • On-site
  • Language: German


  • Future Skills in Controlling
  • The role of the modern controller - the business sparring partner
  • Business Partner Plus - the role of the controller in family businesses (Victorinox AG)
  • Chocolate since 1845 - today's controlling skills
  • Mind the (skills) gap - controlling of the future
  • The merging of finance and technology: How digitization is changing business controlling to its very foundations and challenging its employees
  • Panel discussion "Does AI make the development of skills for controlling superfluous?"

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September 23, 9.15 - 16.30: Welcome to the far north!

  • Regional Conference North
  • On-site
  • Language: German
  • With an evening program


  • The Kiel University of Applied Sciences
  • Shop floor management @MTU Hanover
  • Can Controlling Agility?
  • Task and competence profiles of sustainability controllers
  • Cyber attack - report of an affected company
  • The BI tool Qlik Sense
  • Corporate governance in inflation

Details and registration HERE

September 28, 8.45 - 17.30: Welcome to Vienna!

  • ICV Health Care Forum, Austria
  • On-site
  • Language: German


  • Controlling 2030: What changes will the current developments bring to controlling? - Panel discussion
  • CO2 balances and their relevance in the health sector
  • Transparency of reliable quantity structures as a basis for (structural) master planning and personnel requirements analysis
  • Holistic care management with ePA, LEP and TIP Hce
  • Hhealth quiz
  • Legal framework of medical controlling
  • Perspectives and further development of the LKF model
  • Workshop: Leadership Challenges VUCA
  • Increasing efficiency and effectiveness in intensive care medicine through AI-based telemedicine
  • Complexity and dynamics: What can hospital management learn from sport (football)?

Details and registration HERE

November 17: Join ICV Croatia in Zagreb!

  • Your host is Jasmina Očko, a controlling consultant and trainer
  • On-site
  • Language: Croatian and English with simultaneous translation


  • Synergy – “the word of the year”
  • Today’s management – how it tackles new challenges
  • Adaptability, flexibility, agility – the condition of survival
  • Growth and digital transformation – a knowledge-seeking venture
  • Changes in small and medium-sized enterprises – how to succeed like big companies
  • Data-driven management – controlling as self-evident
  • Planning under current conditions – many things are changing
  • Sustainability and ESG – an issue that is here to stay
  • Teamwork and employees as the most important factor – absolute center of attention

Details and registration HERE


November 18, 9.30 - 16: Welcome to Saxony!

  • ICV East Conference
  • On-site
  • Language: German
  • With an evening program


  • Controlling of the university management specifications by the state at the HTWK Leipzig
  • Change Management for Controlling 4.0
  • Use of key figures in agile companies
  • Small cattle also make crap - efficient (expense and travel) cost controlling
  • Don't be afraid of BI projects

Details and registration HERE

November 24, 9.30 - 16.55: Welcome to Upper Austria!

  • CIS Controlling Insights Steyr
  • On-site in the Museum Arbeitswelt Steyr
  • Language: German


  • In 2023, the established ICV Newcomer Award will be presented in Steyr for the first time
  • Controlling round table on sustainability controlling

Topics of the speeches:

  • Refocus, Restart: Rethinking the business model in times of inflation and supply chain disruptions
  • Convert the Top-Line - digital transformation of the business model in the old economy
  • Deutsche Bahn - the transformation of a giant
  • From strategy to performance management
  • Machine Forecasting in the financial planning process

Foto:  ©Hannes Ecker

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