ICV pioneer in sustainability: Trendsetters and companions in practice for sustainability

Green Controlling and Sustainability Controlling at the trendsetter ICV Think Tank

The ICV Think Tank started in November 2009 with a top-class team of scientists and representatives of controlling practice. It identifies trends in controlling at an early stage, uses them to develop "dream cars" and thus positions the ICV as a topic leader in the finance and controlling.

Green Controlling at the ICV Think Tank - top topic in 2010 and 2011

Sustaninability controlling at the ICV - top topic since 2022

The companion in practice: ICV Expert Work Group Green Controlling for Responsible Business

Since 2011, the ICV Expert Work Group "Green Controlling for Responsible Business" has developed application-oriented solutions. With its work, the Expert Work Group helps companies to integrate social and ecological goals equally into controlling processes and instruments - so that sustainable corporate management can succeed.

To the ICV Expert Work Group Green Controlling for Responsible Business

Green Controlling Award: With green topics to black numbers

In order to encourage controlling to deal with the "green challenge", the Péter Horváth Foundation, in cooperation with the ICV, annually awards the Green Controlling Award for the most innovative and effective "green" controlling solution. The Award will be presented at the Stuttgart Controlling & Management Forum at the Haus der Wirtschaft in Stuttgart in late summer/autumn. The deadline for submitting application documents is always July 31 of each year.

The Award-winning solutions will be awarded a total of 10,000 euros.