Courses related to sustainability

EBS certificate program ESG Performance Management (EPM)

On-site event with an online option

Start 12.02.2025 (3rd edition)

The part-time certificate program had its premiere in April 2023 and is a joint initiative of EBS and the ICV. It comprises seven days of two blocks plus a written exam and can be credited as a part-time Master in Business with a focus on Sustainable Finance.

In the program, the strategic and operational influence of sustainability on the service creation process of companies are presented in depth. Cutting-edge know-how is imparted for managing sustainability opportunities and risks, as well as new skills for supporting the sustainable business strategy.

Target group

Employees from companies in all sectors with a sustainability-oriented business strategy, with or without capital market orientation, in particular specialists and managers from these areas

  • Controlling, accounting, reporting, risk management, carbon management, strategy, corporate development, board of directors, etc.
  • Sustainable finance, CSR, sustainability, environment, etc.
  • Credit analysis, guarantees, etc. (banks/corporate customer areas)
  • Company analyzes (institutional investors, investment companies, ESG and financial rating companies)


  • You will receive an in-depth presentation of the sustainability-oriented design of measurement, management, control and reporting of companies' sustainability performance across all ESG dimensions, with financial performance and non-financial performance considered as performance levels to be integrated.
  • Innovative cutting edge know-how enables you to support the sustainable business strategy and to record and evaluate all sustainability opportunities and risks.
  • The innovative and unrivaled qualification offering makes you absolutely capable of discussing all material sustainability topics with internal interface partners and improves the quality of your analysis, decision-making and advice.
  • The attractive university certificate from the EBS Executive School increases your personal competitiveness in a very dynamically developing environment.

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EBS Compact Course Sustainability Reporting (SRE)

Start 17.10.2024 (3rd edition) / 17.02.2025 (4th edition)

Taking CSRD and taxonomy into account, there will be a comprehensive redesign and expansion of the sustainability reporting requirement for companies in the EU. The EBS Executive School's newly designed certificate program, the compact course Sustainability Reporting (SRE), specifically prepares you for the challenging changes. The program lasts six days, divided into two blocks, and concludes with a written exam. Graduates who successfully complete this will receive the university certificate of Sustainability Reporting Consultant (EBS). The 12 modules are divided into four main topics: 1. Development of sustainable strategies, corporate governance and transformation / 2. Basics of sustainability reporting and dual materiality / 3. CSRD and ESRS / 4. Taxonomy and implementation of CSRD.

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EBS Compact Course Corporate Sustainable Finance (CSF)

Start 17.06.2024 (6th edition) / 30.06.2025 (7th edition)

The finance department plays a central role in the area of sustainability management. In order to qualify for the selection qualification, comprehensive know-how at master's level is required. You will acquire this knowledge in the compact course “Corporate Sustainable Finance” at the EBS Executive School. If you participate successfully, the stage is open to you!

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ICV Live Webinars with the participation of EBS

Speaker is Dr. Thomas Schulz from the EBS University. There he is responsible for management qualification within the Executive School.


ICV Live Webinar: Sustainable corporate management & controlling (2023, in German)

The ICV Live Webinar presents the basics of sustainable corporate management and the wealth of implications for the company as a result of the sustainability orientation of the business strategy. This also includes the finance function as well as strategic and operational corporate management. The focus is on ESG controlling, impact measurement and ESG risk management, sustainability reporting and the control and reporting of climate risk.


ICV Live Webinar: Economic benefits of sustainable corporate management (2023, in German)

CFOs evaluate investment decisions according to whether they add value to the company in the long term. Sustainable corporate management must also be able to apply this standard, even though the pressure from customers, investors, banks and disclosure regulations (CSRD, taxonomy) is increasing.

In the webinar, you will learn what the results of studies are (portfolio level) and what channels Corporate Sustainability Performance (CSP) uses to influence Corporate Financial Performance (CFP).