About the Head of the Work Group Mag. DDr. Dietmar Ranftler

  • Successor to the founder Dr. Ing. Martin Reich from the AKH Vienna as a work group leader and organizer of the annual Forum Health Care Austria for about 8 years
  • Currently responsible for Organizational Development in Kabeg Management, previously Coordinator of the Secondary Medical Center and Head of the Department of Clinical Structural Development at Klinikum Klagenfurt
  • Management of various organizational projects, also in the development of the process-oriented Surgical-Medical Center Klagenfurt or in LKF management.
  • Since 1994 active in the Carinthian health care in various functions (Controlling LKH Wolfsberg, Kabeg, Klinikum Klagenfurt)
  • Before, professional soldier (ICT, human resources)
  • Part-time studies in economics and philosophy / intervention research. Participation in international exchange programs and participation in health organizations in England, Italy and Spain
  • Part-time job as a lecturer, FH university lecturer, trainer and consultant
  • Multiple awards as Trainer of the Year