Health Care Austria

We are a sector work group and within the International Association of Controllers we are responsible for the Austrian health care system. Our work group was founded in Vienna in 2000 under the direction of Dr. Martin Reich. In the work group we soon realized that the tasks of the controlling departments of the Austrian health care, apart from some legal characteristics, does not differ significantly from those of the German and Swiss health care. This led to a cross-border cooperation between the health care work groups of Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

We would like to focus on the proper use of information and complexity of the health care system. In Austria, the administration of the hospital with regard to medical, economic, technical and nursing care as well as the training of the medical / technical and nursing staff is the responsibility of the public hospitals. The training of the medical students and the management of the university clinics and clinical departments and institutes is the responsibility of the country within the framework of the medical universities. The controlling department is required to keep the costs under control in the stress field of complex command structures. We want to ensure the quality and satisfaction of our patients with considerations of minimizing costs.

When we established the sector work group, we formulated following objectives:

  • Using the International Association of Controllers as a framework and direct access also to tools in companies
  • Wider cross-sectional basis
  • Information exchange
  • Independent discussion platform
  • Dissemination of the controlling idea
  • Encouraging (further) development of requirements-based controlling tools
  • Publications on the results of ongoing work in the work group
  • Continuous training

To achieve these goals, we have two meetings per year:
Thus, in addition to a meeting in the smaller circle in spring, the "ICV Forum Health Care Austria" takes place. Within this framework, the "International Controller Health Conference" takes place in Austria every three years.

The work of the work group has been very successful in recent years, and many of the listed goals have already been achieved or are on the way to reaching them within the framework of the work group and its meetings. Nevertheless, the activities are, of course, a permanent task, which also justifies the future work of the work group.


Head of the Work Group

Mag. DDr. Dietmar Ranftler
+43 (0) 664 1630 749{bei}

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