ICV Live Webinar: Risk management and resilience in the context of agile corporate management

Resilience is the organization's ability to quickly recover from unexpected events such as crises, disruptions or changes while maintaining or even increasing its performance and competitiveness. Today, resilience is an important factor for the success and survival of organizations in a dynamic and rapidly changing world.

There are several strategies companies can use to improve their resilience. This includes professional opportunity and risk management and agility.

Integrating these aspects into modern corporate management is a challenge for many companies. For example, we have to rethink risk management and transfer it to a complex environment. Agility is not the sum of agile methods like Scrum or OKR, but more the mindset behind it.

The webinar illuminates these aspects as a follow-up event of the working group as part of the CAB 2022 in Bonn. However, everyone interested in the topic is invited.


Frank Ahlrichs

Organizational Team ICV Autumn Conference CAB Controlling Advantage Bonn