The 19th CAB Controlling Advantage Bonn (IN GERMAN)

For organizational reasons, the CAB Controlling Advantage Bonn 2023 cannot take place.


"Stay on course in stormy seas? Expand controller's toolbox with tried and tested approaches"

Arrival of the participants and greeting

city of Bonn

Dr. Ursula Sautter
Mayoress Bonn

A field report from the point of view of the controller.

  • "Doing what is necessary..." when everything is in motion at the same time! Future-proof and crisis-proof.
  • Shaping growth and change - keeping the balance: people - values - controller's toolbox - organization
  • Financial performance and value add: Success factors that lead to positive development in the role of controller (including experienced controllers).

Oliver Birk
Commercial Management
Kostal Automobil Elektrik GmbH & Co. KG

  • From office buildings to derivatives – what are stress tests actually aimed at?
  • How are suitable scenarios identified and designed?
  • How are potential effects of a scenario made tangible?
  • Simulation and then – what can the findings be used for?

Dennis Möckel
Associate Director ICAAP & Eigenmittel
Risk controlling

11:00 Coffee break


Moderated discussion of the application and transfer possibilities of the presented approaches to your own company in small groups.

12:30 Lunch break

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  • Resilient or Lean - Paradigm Shift in Supply Chain Management?
  • The design of supply chains in a dynamic environment
  • Experiences from different industries - results of a study by SAP Business Consulting and the Kuehne Logistics University
  • How does the conversion to a resilient supply chain affect financial targets and controlling?

Dr. Jörg Wilke
Head of CSCO Advisory

Dr. Bernd Reitwiesner
Principal Business Consultant CSCO Advisory
SAP Deutschland SE & Co. KG


14:15 Coffee break

  • Why Merck is making its financial management more agile
  • How processes, technology and culture interact holistically
  • What are the insights after the first year of agile development

Kathrin Montry
Senior Principal Expert Controlling
Merck, Darmstadt
Winner of the ICV Controlling Excellence Award 2023

  • Which aspects of the presented approaches are particularly interesting?
  • Where do we see opportunities and limitations in preparing for uncertain times?
  • What are the main challenges for managers, controllers and employees?
  • Which application ideas for our practice do we take away from the CAB?

Joint, moderated discussion of all participants and speakers

and closing words

We look forward to seeing you again at the CAB 2024 in Bonn!

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"The CAB is a must for me because I meet colleagues there with whom I can exchange ideas!"
Hartmut Ibershoff, Nordhorn
"I recommend the CAB to everyone who not only wants to stay up to date in controlling, but also appreciates thinking outside the box!"
Martin Herrmann, Neunkirchen-Seelscheid