From data silos to data-driven decisions: Efficient planning and forecasting in business intelligence platforms

ICV Live Webinar, language: German

In the ICV Live Webinar, participants immerse themselves in a revolutionary world in which Business Intelligence (BI) redefines traditional corporate planning. Together with the organizers, we will explore how connecting planning functions with BI systems enables more efficient and precise data analysis and forecasting. The journey takes you through the BI landscape, where data silos are broken down to ensure a comprehensive view of financial and operational data - a crucial step for effective planning.

Concrete case studies illustrate how companies save time and improve the accuracy of their forecasts by integrating their planning processes with BI. The ICV Live Webinar will highlight the advanced analytical capabilities of BI tools that make it possible to not only identify future trends and market changes, but to proactively respond to them.

Additionally, the best methods to seamlessly embed planning and forecasting into a company's BI strategy are discussed to promote an agile and data-driven corporate culture, essential for modern business success.

The ICV Live Webinar concludes with the challenges and opportunities of this strategic shift and an outlook on the increasingly important synergy between planning and business intelligence.


Thomas Gorr
Head of Write! & Fiplana
INFORM Datalab GmbH

Thomas Gorr has had a remarkable career as a BI specialist since joining INFORM GmbH in 2015. His experience in numerous projects brought him into contact with customers who were looking for more efficient solutions in financial planning and at the same time an advanced business intelligence/data analytics platform. He recognized this market demand as an opportunity and was the impetus for the development of Fiplana. The solution seamlessly integrates financial planning and analytics, making it a milestone in Thomas Gorr's career. The platform combines planning, budgeting and forecasting with precise analytics, based on the data analytics platform Qlik. Under the leadership of Thomas Gorr, Fiplana has developed into a comprehensive product that paves the way for the integration of planning directly into BI/Analytics.

As the leader of an extensive team, Thomas Gorr continues to drive the trend of blurring the boundaries between financial planning and analytics. His vision and commitment have helped to significantly increase efficiency and accuracy in corporate planning.