2010: Initial Honorary Memberships in the ICV

Manfred Blachfellner from Austria and Rudolf Rieger from Germany are the first two members to be awarded an Honorary Membership in the International Controller Association (ICV). At the ICV's 2010 General Assembly on 13 June in Munich, Siegfried Gänßlen, the ICV's Chairman of the Board of Managing Directors, presented them their commemorative certificates.

Dr Albrecht Deyhle, the founder of the ICV and its Honorary Chairman, gave the laudatory speech.

In his opening remarks to honour Manfred Blachfellner and Siegfried Rudolf Rieger, Siegfried Gänßlen said a few words about Hermann Jenny, the Swiss member who had died unexpectedly in June 2008. The ICV's Chairman praised Jenny's work in the ICV, saying that Jenny, too, would have earned an Honorary Membership.