Working Capital Management


Working Capital Management, meaning the release of liquidity tied up in day-to-day operations, is a core issue and a long-term incentive in corporate management.

Especially in recent years, it has been praised in many articles as a success recipe for overcoming the financial crisis. Need cash? Look inside your company, is the well-meant advice. This is also true, since statistically speaking, the capital commitment (in an average industrial or trading company) can be reduced by several percent of sales through good working capital management. However, companies are faced with major challenges.

Studies show that not even half of the companies manage to permanently reduce their working capital in two consecutive years. For a long-term successful working capital management, a deep understanding of the effects, its drivers and the relevant procedural links is necessary.

The International Association of Controllers (ICV) has taken this as an opportunity to provide an overview and current optimization approaches ("Leading Practices") on the subject of "working capital management" by developing a scientifically founded, as far as possible, and practical concept, controllers and managers. In addition, the expert work group has the intention to identify conflicts of objectives and solutions.

For this reason, the expert work group "Working Capital Management" was established on April 21, 2010.

The 23 members are scientists, consultants and practitioners from various industries and company sizes.

Our goal: concrete results