ICV Work Group East China

ICV Work Group East China is a growing group of ICV members in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other neigboring provinces in East China, who are at the same time registered service subscribers of China Controlling Online Community (CCOC). 

China Controlling Online Community (CCOC) is an online and offline platform of information, communication and experience sharing for finance & controlling managers and specialists as well as controlling-minded non-finance executives and professionals in Sino-German business community, who are interested in understanding and practicing “German-Style” controlling philosophy and concepts for achieving business performance excellence in China. The platform runs in strategic partnership with ICV since November 2017.

Using the platform of CCOC as “local home base”, ICV Work Group East China is organizing  

•       regularsalon events focusing on different hot topics of controlling in China,

•       annual conferences, such as the “Sino-German Controlling Forum” in East China,  

•       issue workshops which are self-organized cross-company, cross-industry project teams which try to work out practical guidelines for selected issues of local controlling practice, and – last but least - 

•       members' informal gathering rounds for socializing and networking in the region. 

For more information about our activities, you can visit the Chinese-English bilingual website of CCOC


Head of the Work Group

Francesco Ingarsia

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