Transfer Pricing Management - Interface Controlling / Taxation


The ICV has established the new expert work group "Transfer Pricing Management - Interface Controlling / Taxation" together with around 20 highly interested and committed representatives of industry, science and consulting. The participants are predominantly responsible for the function of Head of Controlling, Head of Taxation or Head of Finance, and are from all manufacturing industries, from medium-sized companies to DAX-30, as from the regions of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The implementation of settlement price structures is a major challenge for companies. Some companies account for tax-based accounting charges with simultaneous tax deficits. Some companies manage their businesses through incentive billing rates. In the most favorable case, there are price systems that fulfill both objectives, but are usually very complex in terms of system technology.

This work group is already complete due to the great interest.


The aim of the work group is the exchange of experience and the analysis of various conversion variants of accounting concepts from the tax and control point of view as well as the development of best practice solutions.


The founding meeting took place on November 20, 2013 in Munich. Since then, the WG members meet twice a year.


For further information, please contact Jörg Hanken, PricewaterhouseCoopers AG, joerg.hanken{bei}


Head of the Work Group

Jörg Hanken

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