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Started in 2019, we would like to use this new type of meeting to bring together those among the ICV members who are slowly retiring from active working life or who have already done that.

We want to promote the regular exchange with former colleagues in a sociable setting.



With the ICV Mentoring Program, we ensure that our members develop further - exactly where it is most important to you. As a participant, you benefit significantly from the exchange between mentee and mentor, tailored to your needs. And that in the widely recognized, internationally oriented and renowned ICV network. The different perspectives on current challenges and trends (e.g. the new role of controllers, automation in the financial sector) as well as the different approaches to tasks and projects open up new exciting perspectives and possibilities for action for the partners in the mentoring team.

We bring together what together will be even better! For example, controlling newcomers (shortly before starting their careers or with little work experience) with silver professionals (very experienced), industry newcomers with industry experts or professionals who are more than 50 years old with silver professionals to plan the last phase of their career.

We compare your profile, which you create for us in the registration form, with the profiles, interests and expectations of all other interested parties and find your mentoring partner. After a phase of getting to know each other, the mentee and mentor decide whether they want to continue their work together or whether we should repeat the matching. The mentoring couples organize their meetings according to their needs (on site, online, different frequencies).

To support you, you will receive the ICV Mentoring Guide and, if necessary, tips from the ICV Mentoring Team of Experts. Participation in the ICV Mentoring Program is free of charge for ICV members.

The ICV Mentoring Team of Experts

Markus Steiner

Markus Steiner

ICV Member of the Board


Detlev R. Zillmer

Detlev Zillmer

ICV Board of Trustees


Albert Mayr

Albert Mayr

Delegate Austria


Dragica Erčulj

Dragica Erčulj

Delegate South-East Europe


Tomasz M. Zieliński

Tomasz Zieliński

Delegate ICV Poland


Dieter Meyer

Dieter Meyer

Delegate Germany East


Rainer Grossenbacher

Rainer Grossenbacher

Silver Professionals Swizterland




Which decisions are best to be made at 55+?


Heinz Steiner shows how he planned his next phase of life at 55. The trigger for the topic is the following article:
[1] Regenbogen-Karriere, NZZ-Artikel «Generation Silber zurück an den Arbeitsmarkt»