The mission of the Pomorze Regional Work Group, which started its operation in 2019, is: We support each other for the benefit of the companies we work for and for ourselves. The leader is Bartłomiej Szymaniak.

The main goals of the activity are:

  • supporting the integration and self-organization of controllers in Pomerania,
  • exchange of experience on solving general and region-specific problems,
  • promotion of controlling and controllers as a source of key business knowledge for the development of enterprises.

During the meetings, group members discuss a number of issues related not only to controlling, but also to broadly understood business. These include:

  • Modern tools supporting the work of controllers, e.g. RPA,
  • Controlling of auxiliary projects in enterprises (e.g. IT, ISO),
  • Controlling in BPO/SSC/ITO outsourcing companies,
  • Reporting and analytics - where is the border between IT and controlling,
  • The specificity of the Pomeranian region and the opportunities for the development of enterprises,
  • Data science/Machine learning/Deep learning as strategic sources of knowledge for controlling.