Planning, new level: Welcome to the Expert Work Group nextgen@planning

We are convinced that planning in companies is a continuous and dynamic core process that is constantly evolving and adapting. It's like an ecosystem - constantly moving, always in tune with the times.

The goal of nextgen@planning is to support management and controllers in making informed decisions for their company. Future-oriented planning provides essential information. In a volatile environment, planning scores points if it is digital, agile, data-driven and sustainable. In this way, we can identify opportunities, recognize risks at an early stage and prepare companies innovatively for changes.

Our mission: The Expert Work Group nextgen@planning strives to take planning to a new level and to lead companies successfully into the future. By using modern tools, implementing agile methods and promoting a supportive corporate culture, management and controllers can establish planning as a strategic and innovative process. You create added value for a wide range of target groups in finance & controlling.

The mix of science, consulting, IT and practice drives us. Companies can immediately benefit from the practical examples and at the same time be confident that the proposed solutions are state-of-the-art.

Can I get involved? If you already use modern planning solutions and would like to share them with the ICV community and our Expert Work Group, please contact us: FK-nextgenplanning{bei}

How are the results published? The results will be regularly updated on social media, and the Expert Work Group is also planning various publications from the second half of 2024.


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