The ICV Sector Work Group Life Sciences

We start in March 2024

Who we are

  • The personal exchange of experiences between controllers, CFOs and everyone who is interested in the special financial issues of life sciences companies is very important to us.
  • At our regular Work Group meetings (half a day twice a year) we meet to find out more about life sciences problems in controlling and financial systems, to improve our knowledge and to benefit from the experience of our members
  • We will adapt the language of the meetings to suit our participants, preferably in English, if necessary in German.
  • The topics are selected by our members, so we ensure that current and important trends and problems are quickly picked up and dealt with.
  • In addition to information on hot topics, social gatherings, getting to know each other and networking should not be neglected.
  • Most of our meetings take place at various companies and SMEs. A short tour of the company also gives the participants an insight into the host company.

Selected focus points

Personalized Health Care

The number of drugs that target a specific disease for a specific group of people is steadily increasing. What are the best approaches to pricing such drugs?

Controlling Research and Development

Use of artificial intelligence (AI)

Value Based Pricing

Pricing is influenced by the effectiveness of the drugs.

Green Controlling

Classic controlling is expanded to include sustainable aspects. This means that in addition to the usual financial aspects such as costs, sales and profit, targets and the achievement of targets, such as ecological key figures on CO2 emissions or water consumption, must also be reported.

Capitalization of development costs and depreciation


Head of the Work Group

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Krings

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