The expert work group IFRS of the International Association of Controllers was established in August 2004 and addresses the practical challenges, opportunities and difficulties arising for controllersfrom international accounting.

These include such questions as:

  • Creation of a uniform data base as the prerequisite for the desired harmonization of external and internal accounting
  • Transition from total cost to cost of sales
  • Differentiation between real values and forecast values already in the primary bookings
  • Creation of an adequate account frame
  • Alignment of structures of responsibilities, reporting and booking
  • Involvement of the margin contribution calculation in the IFRS reporting structures
  • Change of interplay between controlling and accounting
  • Avoidance of already known fat naps in the preparation for the introduction of the IFRS

In the ICV expert work group IFRS practitioners, auditors, consulting specialists and academics joined forces. This allows a 360-degree view of the torn questions. We are aware of the fact that only a small group of controlling relevant questions has been shown here. In practice, we are confronted with many other problems.

Therefore, the IFRS expert work group invites all ICV members interested in these questions to participate in our work. This can be participation in our meetings or the work of the subgroups. However, we are also interested in questions or expressions of opinion on the entire problem area "IFRS and Controlling".


Head of the Work Group

Andreas Krimpmann
+49 30 84 72 03 42

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