Sector Work Group Energy + Water

The development of the energy markets as a result of the liberalization as well as the resulting structural changes in the energy companies place new challenges and challenges for controllers from the energy and water sector. In order to meet the changing requirements, a theoretical training and practical experience in a company is often not enough. The exchange of experience with controllers from other companies is becoming more and more important - and necessary. In 2000, therefore, the  nternational Association of Controllers decided to build a special sector work group. It’s goal is serving as a platform for the exchange of experience for controllers from the energy and water industries. In this work group, we present and discuss topics and problems with which controllers from the energy and water industry (have to) deal with in their day-to-day work.


Head of the Work Group

Theo Sörger

Current events

Past events

You can download the current flyer of the expert work group here