Communication Controlling


  • Controller and communicators from companies, agencies, science and the Controller Akademie

Aims and areas of actions: "Augsburger Programm" 2015

The expert work group

  • defines a method set for communication controlling
  • develops methods of communication controlling
  • frames the applicability / practicability of the methods
  • makes the methods connectable to all relevant communities - international

There are basically two levels of action, methods and their application

  1. Strategic level
  2. Functional level of communication measures and their control

The centre of the method set is the "efficiency levels", which were developed by the expert work group in 2009 and have now also become internationally recognized as a benchmark.

They find a differentiated application on both levels of action:

1. For the strategy process in the company (stakeholder-oriented) or for the strategy process in corporate communication ("double helix" model)

2. As a system for evaluation, performance measurement, comparability of measures and objectives in the communications business (service)

Principle of cooperation and "thought-up"

  • In the regular work meetings of the expert work group, we try to work through the both levels. Frequently on one topic on both levels, but also on one topic per each level.
  • The both levels of action (strategic and functional) also apply to a process and role model of communication (in Augsburg instead of "shell model"). They are discussion-led and focus for group and reflection work:

1. Strategic: cross-functional role of the company communication / communication manager in the core processes, management processes and support processes of the company (cross-company processes - brand management, stakeholder management)

2. Functional: Functional "service processes" in the communications business with sole responsibility for company communications as well as functional work processes and communication successes for individual communication disciplines (online, internal communication, social media), communication campaigns or measures.

Milestones in the field of communication controlling since its foundation in 2006


Following should be stressed:

  • The 2009 efficiency model, which is now also an international reference point for communication controlling;
  • the basic model for communication controlling (ICV Statement 2010);
  • the active participation in the guide "Modern value orientation" (2015) as well as
  • a variety of publications and active participation in meetings and conferences

We look for connectivity on the levels:

  1. strategic to integrated reporting (external reporting, controllers, auditors, investor relations)
  2. functional: integration of the key figures for communication disciplines beyond the corporate communication in the narrower sense (e.g., marketing, social media, financial communication) or from other countries (e.g., AMEC, IPR); we want to establish international comparability of the indicators of major communication channels and communication disciplines currently used in companies


      • Three meetings a day and a half (Thursday evening / Friday) in a company in Germany, Austria or Switzerland: lectures, further development basic model, exchange of experience. Next meeting: see Events.
      • Working groups work out the results between the meetings


Head of the Expert Work Group

Head of the Work Group

Mark-Steffen Buchele

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