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Welcome to our Expert Work Group on Change Management & Finance.

In a world that is constantly changing, the ability to effectively manage change is more crucial than ever. Our community offers you a unique opportunity to exchange ideas with like-minded individuals, gain deep insights into the art and science of change management, and learn practical tools and methods for successfully implementing change processes.

Explore with us the various phases of change management, from preparation through implementation to institutionalization within the company. Get to know proven models and methods that will help you take employees on the journey of change and overcome resistance. Dive into the world of change management tools that can support your projects and lead them to success.

Our expert work group not only offers you a checklist for a good change management process but also insights into the measurability of changes and the 10 success factors that will drive your projects forward. Learn about the don'ts to avoid and be inspired by practical examples showing how other organizations have mastered challenges.


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Judith Leopold

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