Our members
are around 40 decision-makers from the German-speaking banking market. In addition to representatives from the three German pillars, our work group is supported by participants from Liechtenstein, Luxembourg and Switzerland. We are delighted that our network is constantly evolving, that new members care for the necessary fresh wind and that the experience gained from many years of active membership is maintained.

Our goals

  • Encouraging the exchange of experience between members
  • Building and maintaining a trustworthy network
  • Critically reflecting the classic themes of banking controlling and company management in their development
  • Tackling current issues, discussing them and developing solutions
  • Identifying future issues and challenges of banking controlling as early as possible

Our initiatives

  • We meet twice a year
  • We deepen topics specifically in small project groups between the meetings of the work group
  • If it’s needed we invite to our meeting experts and speakers from the outside, also from other sectors
  • We are discussion partners for decision-makers and colleagues from the banking sector


Head of the Work Group

Daniel Keller{bei}

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