ENG: Controlling helps marketing and communication managers on their way for success

Practical guide "Starter Kit Communication Controlling" is published / "Big step" of evaluation strategic corporate communications for planning & control

Munich, May 25, 2016 – With the publication "Communication Controlling - Starter Kit for Designing and Implementing a Controlling System for Corporate Communication" the International Controller Association (ICV) has published [in German so far] a compact instruction for communication managers and controllers. "This is a real novelty: Controlling helps marketing and communication managers on their way for success”, explains ICV Chairman Siegfried Gänßlen, "to strategically plan and control corporate communication with practical recommendations on how they manage their next step, through evaluation questions about the past, going far beyond future-oriented companies.”

The Starter Kit published by Haufe Verlag is a collaborative effort of the ICV expert work group Communication Controlling. The authors, Mark-Steffen Buchele, Rainer Pollmann and Walter Schmidt structured and brought together the results. On 80 pages the publication offers practical guidance, objectives, organization and tools to develop and implement the communications controlling.

Communication controlling provides structures, methods and indicators for four areas: communication strategy and corporate strategy (Are we on the right track?), processes (Do we work efficiently?), results (Did we set the "right" targets and did we achieve what we wanted?) and cost (How much do our measures cost, what budget did we use for what?). The Starter Kit for controllers who stand in front of the task of introducing communication controlling, begins its comprehensive recommendations by creating foundations (which must be cleared first). Then it deals with the concept phase (objectives and work packages) and implementation (typical development, steps to go). The main tools and methods of communication controlling are shown.

"The Starter Kit is a real novelty: For the first time controlling helps here with a guide every marketing and communication managers on their way for success", explains ICV Chairman Siegfried Gänßlen during the book presentation at the 41st Controller Congress, Europe's largest controlling symposium in 2016, on the end of March in Munich. “With practical recommendations on how they manage the next step, going far beyond future-oriented plan on retrospective evaluation questions corporate communications strategy and controlling."

In his preface Siegfried Gänßlen writes: "We are as International Controller Association (ICV) proud to introduce to the debate the expert work group Communication Controlling founded in 2006 - an opinion leader recognized in the German and Anglo-Saxon area. The ICV expert work group has contributed significantly to point the eyes of communication managers in the company from the direction of evaluation questions towards the strategically embedded targets, planning and control of corporate communications. On this basis, a growing interest for communications controlling can be observed in the company. This discipline starts to establish itself as an independent part of controlling. When a new discipline is being established in the company, the responsible enters new areas. The New requires... courage and solid groundwork. The experience of the pioneers can be helpful. Not to copy them, but to use them as a guide for their own actions. In this sense, being a guide is the intention of the Starter Kit Communication Controlling.”

Since 2006 the ICV the ICV expert work group Communication Controlling has developed and discussed in an interdisciplinary team methods, models and approaches for professional control of corporate communications. A first guide was the statement from 2010 "Basic Model for Communications Controlling", which was supported by the DPRG, the Communication Association and the PRVA. The question repeatedly addressed to the expert work group, "But how do I start?", is now answered in the guide "Starter Kit Communication Controlling".


The guide [in German] „Kommunikationscontrolling – Starter-Kit zur Konzeption und Implementierung eines Controllingsystems für die Unternehmenskommunikation“; Haufe Verlag, ISBN: 978-3-648-08456-4, 80 pages, Hardcover, 24,80 € incl. VAT.


The International Controller Association (ICV) has in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland and 12 other countries in Central and Eastern Europe around 6,500 in practical Controlling active members. The key objective of ICV controlling philosophy is reaching permanent economic success. With its honorary chairman Dr. Albrecht Deyhle the association, founded in 1975 has shaped the Controlling in German speaking countries placed and influenced. The ICV merges controllers, CFOs, managers and scientists and  it is strictly oriented its members’ benefit. Experience, communication and being focused  on future-oriented trends are foundations of ICV. ICV combines practical experience with the latest research results and prepares its knowledge for practical implementation. The ICV is makes personal contribution to the success of its members and to the sustainable performance of companies. Siegfried Gänßlen is the chairman of ICV, CEO of Hansgrohe SE, Schiltach, Vice-Chairman of ICV is Prof. Dr. Heimo Losbichler, FH Steyr.


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