Controller's mission

Controllers contribute

to the sustainable success of the organisation - as partners of management.

Controllers design

and support the management process of defining goals, planning and management control, so that every decision maker can act in accordance with agreed objectives.

Controllers ensure

there is an unwavering focus on the future, thereby making it possible to take advantage of opportunities and manage risks.

Controllers integrate

an organisation‘s goals and plans into a cohesive whole.

Controllers develop

and maintain the management control systems. They ensure the quality of the data and provide decision-relevant information.

Controllers are

the conscience of the business and thus committed to the good of the organisation as a whole.

This Mission Statement

was adopted by the General Assembly of the International Group of Controlling (IGC) on 8 June 2013 in Bucharest.

Philosophy and goals of the ICV

  • The International Association of Controllers ICV is represented in more than 30 countries - and, with around 6,000 members, is also the largest controller organization of its kind (see also "The Association at a glance" and "Image Brochure / Factsheet").
  • We understand controlling as a goal-oriented management process that can only be effective in the interaction of controllers and managers. Economic sustainability is our main goal. (see also "Core elements"). Controlling aims to increase the value of the company over the long term.
  • Our controlling understanding is holistic. (see also "Core elements")
  • The ICV brings together controllers and scientists, students, professors, managers and CFOs. Advance instead of stagnation is the goal we want to achieve for and with our members.
  • As a non-profit organization, we have no commercial purpose.
  • Your personal career development and the development of your company are our focus.
  • The more than 60 regional and sector-related work groups and further 13 expert work groups meet regularly and develop practical controlling solutions on current topics.
  • The Association combines practical experience and the latest research results and prepares this knowledge for implementation in practice.
  • The Association also contributes to the exchange of experience through publications such as the magazine "Controller Magazin" and the ICV publication series on controlling topics.
  • The ICV awards the "ICV Controlling Excellence Award" for an "exemplary controlling solution" at the annual, central ICV conference "Congress of Controllers".
  • As part of the CIB Controlling Inspiration Berlin, one of the ICV regional conferences traditionally held in autumn, the ICV also awards students in the area of controlling with the "ICV Newcomer Award".