Sustainable corporate management and controlling

ICV Live Webinar in German

In the process of a company's sustainability transformation, the functional area of controlling plays an increasingly central role. Its area of responsibility has expanded significantly, and in the future it will also include planning, management, control and reporting of the company's sustainability performance. This makes the controller's role as "business conscience" even more important, because the focus is now on the integration of financial and non-financial target systems. Controlling must therefore be rethought!

In this ICV webinar, first learn the basics of sustainable corporate management. Above all, it is shown that the sustainability orientation of the business strategy has a wealth of implications for the entire company and - without exception - for all functional areas. This also includes the finance function and thus also the strategic and operational management of the company. The focus is on ESG controlling, impact measurement and ESG risk management, the entire complex of sustainability reporting and of course the exposed topic of controlling and reporting climate risk.


Dr. Thomas Schulz

Academic Director of Sustainability Programs
EBS Executive School