Economic benefits of sustainable corporate management

CFOs evaluate all strategic and operational investment decisions according to whether they pay off for the company, i.e. whether they add value in the long term. This benchmark also applies to the decision to proactively pursue sustainable corporate management. On the one hand, the pressure from customers, investors, banks and, above all, publicity regulations (CSRD, taxonomy, etc.) to take sustainability aspects into account in corporate decisions, process designs, internal standards, etc. is gradually increasing. On the other hand, however, it is a core task of controlling to ensure that the primacy of the long-term economic impact of sustainability in the company is given the necessary validity.

The central question is therefore what economic effects sustainable corporate management develops. This can be observed at two levels, namely the portfolio level (equity portfolio) and the individual company level.

In the webinar, learn about the results of a wealth of scientific studies (portfolio level) and the channels through which Corporate Sustainability Performance (CSP) influences Corporate Financial Performance (CFP).


Dr. Thomas Schulz

Academic Director of Sustainability Programs
EBS Executive School