ICV Live Webinar: Sustainability Controlling and Reporting - Solutions instead of Troubleshooting

How many companies can benefit from the pioneering work of MVV Energie AG

The following content will be discussed in the ICV Live Webinar:

  1. What do the executive board and non-financial key figures have to do with the recipe for success for sustainability?
  2. How do you actively manage sustainability initiatives in the company?
  3. How is it possible to cover different reporting standards such as SDG, CSRD, EU taxonomy in one system and to have forms / reporting forms at hand?
  4. Why efficient monitoring and the implementation of the sustainability strategy essentially depends on the use of the right KPI and dashboards.
  5. What the integration of sustainability data into financial planning brings.


Ulrich Gathmann
Group, Business Controlling & Sustainability
MVV Energie AG

  • Implementation of the EU taxonomy for the MVV Energie Group since 2021
  • Establishment and development of sustainability controlling at MVV since 2013
  • 17 years in the energy industry, including risk management, investment management, sustainability
  • 10 years in the financial industry (UK, Germany)
  • Graduate economist (Humboldt University Berlin), M.Sc. Econometrics (University of London)