Risk management according to StaRUG (2021) [in Germany] and the implications for controlling

We invite you to the ICV Live Webinar on January 23, 2024

Since 2021, the law on the stabilization and restructuring framework for companies in Germany - StaRUG (2021) - has required all corporations to establish an early crisis and risk detection system in order to identify possible “developments that threaten the continued existence” at an early stage. Since serious crises that lead to developments that threaten the continued existence are usually the result of the combination effects of individual risks, this requires adequate procedures for identifying, quantifying and aggregating risks with regard to corporate planning. Going beyond the older legal requirements, the legislature now also requires the initiation of “suitable countermeasures” if necessary, the effectiveness of which must be assessed, as well as the direct information of the monitoring body (e.g. supervisory board).

The webinar explains the legal basis, the implementation in standards (the DIIR RS 2.1 from 2022) and the implications for corporate management. In particular, it shows what further development of controlling is necessary if a (e.g. medium-sized) company does not establish its own risk management for this purpose (see also the principles of proper planning from 2022, which were modified against the background of StaRUG).

The Speaker Prof. Dr. Werner Gleißner

  • Diploma in Industrial Engineering (Corporate Planning)
  • Doctorate in economics (monetary and economic policy), 1997
  • Managing Director WIMA GmbH (from 1990)
  • Managing Partner RMCE RiskCon GmbH (2000-2008)
  • Head of Risk Research / Senior Vice President Marsh (2008-2011)
  • Board member Future Value Group (since 2000)
  • Research and teaching: Technical University of Dresden, since 2014 as professor (business administration, especially risk management)
  • Voluntary activities: Board of Directors of the Federal Association of Rating Analysts (BdRA) (until 2019), Board of Directors of the German Society for Crisis Management (DGfKM), Board of Directors of the European Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (EACVA)