Modern data strategie: Next generation data management - it‘s time for “data added value"

ICV Live Webinar in GERMAN

Many companies today are faced with the challenge of monolithic, centrally organized data platforms, evolved structures and bottlenecks in providing relevant information to their expert teams. These obstacles often lead to inefficient data management and critical gaps between the needs of departments and the information available. It is high time for a transformation of data management to create “data added value”. Modern data management concepts such as data mesh and data fabric offer solutions to these problems. The SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) provides the technological basis for this new form of data management.

The webinar will shed light on the basics and advantages of modern data management concepts. It shows how to develop scalable and flexible data architectures tailored to the specific needs of different business areas and applications. The key approach is to delegate responsibility for corporate data to functional teams rather than managing it centrally. This shift enables companies to optimize their data infrastructure, increase data quality and accelerate data processing. The result is optimized information delivery, faster decision-making and more efficient use of company data.


  • How companies can transform their data landscape into a modern, flexible and scalable ecosystem with clear governance guidelines
  • Explanation of the four design principles of modern data management and their dependencies
  • How the SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) supports data mesh concepts in a variety of ways
  • Companies gain valuable insights into proven methods, initial use cases and the individual strengths of BTP

Target groups:

  • Heads of Controlling
  • Subject matter experts for reporting and data analysis
  • IT experts for data warehousing, analytics and data management
  • Heads of IT

The Speaker

Since 2000, Georg Aholt, a graduate in economics and business information technology, has worked on the topic of analytics from a technical, content, procedural and technological perspective. As Head of Center of Excellence “Business Analytics & Information Management” at NTT DATA Business Solutions, he is responsible for the solution and product portfolio in the German market.

Georg Aholt
Head of Center of Excellence Business Analytics & Information Management
NTT DATA Business Solutions AG