Best Practices: Transparent short and medium-term liquidity planning

ICV Live Webinar (language: German)

Liquidity is the heartbeat of any business to ensure survival and sustained success. However, there are many potential hurdles in liquidity planning, such as incomplete representations, incorrect raw data or inconsistencies in the calculation method.

Transparent liquidity planning supports the targeted management of the company and helps to seize potential opportunities and identify possible insolvencies at an early stage and, in the best case, prevent them.

In the ICV Live Webinar, Daniel Dewitz, Cashflow Expert at Agicap, and Lisa Meissner, Co-founder and CFO at Mersor, report on how you can build your short- and long-term liquidity planning in theory and practice.

Daniel Dewitz

Cashflow Expert
Agicap GmbH, Berlin

Lisa Meissner

Co-Founder & CFO
MERSOR GmbH​​​​​​​, Berlin