ICV Live Webinar / Exclusive and free for ICV members: ESG, business valuation & controlling

How ESG affects company valuation and what implications this could have for controlling

In recent years, ESG has not only become an omnipresent megatrend in the financial industry. Both investors and companies are increasingly aligning their strategy with ESG - not least because they hope this will increase the value of the company. But the question of how exactly ESG measures affect the company's value has not yet been answered unequivocally.

The ICV Live Webinar takes on this question and first lays the foundations for ESG and the historical development of this factor model. The focus is then on the impact of ESG on the company value or business valuation. Although there is still a clear need for research here, interesting implications for controlling can already be derived from the model-like relationships - for example the (financial) evaluation possibility of individual ESG measures.

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