ICV Live Webinar: Controlling Proactive Resilience

The current times, characterized by a wide variety of strong influences due to pandemics, armed conflicts, price effects, interest rate developments, supply bottlenecks and staff shortages are increasingly leading to critical situations and even real crises in companies. In addition to these major influencing factors, there are further changes in the framework conditions due to increasing changes of all kinds in the range from regulatory requirements to changes in the change in values in society. All in all, you can say that overall and especially with the multitude of influencing factors, the term VUCA is experiencing a renewed renaissance. For companies, it is therefore increasingly becoming a success factor to develop a corresponding resilience as a capability.

Management and controlling in companies, various institutions, universities and consulting firms are accordingly concerned with the question of how resilience can be achieved in the company and how management and controlling can be carried out in this context. With the lecture we would like to make a contribution to this and on the one hand investigate the question of (success) factors for resilience and show how resilience can be measured. The considerations are embedded in a presentation of the current status of resilience management. We also want to draw on a survey in the ICV, to which we cordially invite you. The aim is to show a cross-section of the implementation of resilience management and measurement in controlling.


Martin Schulte

Martin Schulte

Delegate Germany West