Digital Transformation and Controlling - Findings from the empirical research by the ICV

From a series of articles on the topic of digital transformation and controlling. The article examines it from the perspective of an empirical research project developed by the Institute for Business Intelligence of the Steinbeis University of Berlin in cooperation with the Business Innovation Lab of the Ludwigshafen University of Applied Sciences, the ICV under the auspices of the expert work group BI / Big Data and Controlling and other partners.

The article highlights following aspects:

  • Background information on the study
  • Market and competitive environment
  • Pressure to act to close the technological gaps
  • Implementation gaps in the course of our own digitization strategy
  • Digital business understanding still in the early stages
  • Development level of digitization initiatives
  • Development of appropriate methodological skills for repositioning the controlling
  • Potential for repositioning the controlling