Welcome to the new ICV Work Group Skopje, North Macedonia

The inaugural meeting was performed on September 9th, 2021. The event was organized online (Zoom), because of the uncertainty of the covid-19 situation at that time.

Initiator and organizer of the Kick-Off meeting in Skopje were Mrs. Mitka Mojsovska and Mrs. Dragica Erculj, ICV Regional Delegate for South Eastern Europe. During the workshop, one could feel the “expectation” of something new. Almost 40 participants from North Macedonia attended this first workshop titled “Modern planning and budgeting in controlling”.

There were also two guests from other work groups within the South East Europe region: Dr. Veselin Perovic, Work Group Novi Sad, Serbia, and Sebastian Lipovsek, Work Group Slovenia. They were prepared to exchange experiences about how ICV work groups are working. Participants from North Macedonia are very interested in learning from each other and they see the ICV as an opportunity to exchange experience with controllers in Europe.  

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