Corona crisis hits controllers comparatively hard

Results of the Robert Half Salary Summary 2021

Social distancing, lockdown, home office, video conferences instead of business trips, new technologies, hybrid working. With this summary, the personnel service provider Robert Half, Frankfurt am Main, introduces its comprehensive preview “Salary overview 2021”. In addition to general trends, it deals in particular with the areas of business, IT, finance and accounting.

The most important conclusion in general: There will be no return to work as it was learned before the crisis. A new world of work is waiting to be prepared for. Findings of the study for the controllers: They feel the consequences of the crisis comparatively hard.

The flexible forms of work, which employers introduced rather involuntarily due to the lockdown regulations at the beginning of 2020 - this includes the home office in particular - are appreciated by employees. So much so that many no longer want to give up the newly gained flexibility. They want to keep hybrid work - in the office and at home.

Technical skills have become more important due to the pandemic restructuring. That is why further education is important.

Communication skills have also become more important, as there is no longer any on-site exchange in the offices. Adaptability and resilience become more important. Management has to learn leadership at a distance. This requires a different, new mindset.

While in uncertain times, on the one hand, employees rely on security and do not change jobs so quickly, in the special circumstances of a crisis it also comes to light how great the commitment actually is for one's own employees. The result is sobering: According to the XING Corona Barometer, more of the members surveyed wanted to change their jobs in June 2020 than before the pandemic.

However: Anyone who loses important employees now may cope with the consequences of the crisis worse than expected. Employee loyalty is therefore essential right now.

Source: Robert Half. You can download the Salary Summary (German) after a short registration here.