The Association is always with you: ICV Bags on a Tour

Every visitor to an ICV event knows it - the ICV bag, a loyal and sustainable companion for all situations.

Whether traveling to distant countries or nearby regions, whether to the quarry lake or to the ski hut: the ICV bag is always a pleasure to take with you.

Where is your ICV bag traveling?

We're looking forward for pictures!

Send us your holiday photos with the ICV bag and a note where the photo was taken at

The ICV bag was on a trip to India with our International Editor.

ICV Bag on Summer Tour 2019

On the pictures you can see:

  • London
  • Rostock
  • Lake District, North West England

On the pictures you can see: 

  • Greece
  • tent by the lake
  • Egipt (Valley of the Kings)
  • the Kyffhaeuser Mountains (Germany)
  • the Hagen monument in Worms (Germany)
  • EuroPride Parade, Stockholm (Sweden)
  • Zugspitze Massif (Germany)
  • St. Peter Ording, North Sea (Germany)
  • Apulia (Italy)


On the pictures you can see:

  • Völklinger Hütte
  • Los Angeles
  • Frankfurt
  • Havelland
  • Heidelberg
  • Wien
  • Ostsee
  • Augsburg
  • Bayern
  • Köln
  • Monaco
  • Barcelona
  • Korsika
  • Wladiwostok
  • Great Britain
  • Dachstein
  • Rennsteig (Thüringen)

... to be continued...