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Controlling e-News (German Issue


  • Circulation: 9.000
  • Publication dates 2022: 12.01.; 26.01.; 09.02.; 23.02.; 09.03.; 30.03.; 06.04.; 20.04.; 04.05 (Before the Congress of Controllers).; 09.05. (Congress Issue); 25.05.; 08.06.; 22.06.; 06.07.; 20.07.; 03.08.; 31.08.; 14.09.; 28.09.; 12.10.; 26.10.; 09.11.; 30.11.; 14.12.

International Controlling e-News (English)

  • Circulation: 7.500
  • Publication dates 2022: 19.01.; 16.02.; 23.03.; 13.04.; 18.05.;15.06.; 13.07.; 10.08.; 07.09.; 19.10.; 23.11.; 07.12.

Advertisement publication or banner placement in the advertisement area on the home page:

Image display:

Width 560 pixels x height 200 pixels

Max. 100kB


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Image: width 280 pixels x height 200 pixels

Max. 100kB

Headline: max. 28 characters = max. 1 line Content: max. 240 characters = max. 6 lines Button: max. 13 characters

Image formats: jpg, png, gif.

For animated gif files, only the first frame will be displayed in Outlook 2007.

Price per advert or banner placement is EUR 500.00 plus VAT (English issue: EUR 200.00 plus VAT).
Please contact Hans-Peter Sander to discuss the date for an advert/banner placement. Once a date has been agreed, please send your advert or banner via email no less than 1 week before the publication date. A maximum of 2 adverts/banners can be published per E-News issue.

Sponsoring of the heading "Controlling Personal News": once a month the Controlling e-News will appear with this category. This can appear with a linked banner with the words "Powered by: (company name)" and the company logo. Bookings are possible for half a year - 6 issues by EUR 200,- plus VAT each - or for a whole year - 12 issues by EUR 175,- plus VAT.


Hans-Peter Sander
phone +49 / (0)8807 / 94 90 94
fax +49 / (0)8807 / 94 90 95

If you would like your company to appear in the “Important links” section, a random generator pulls from the list 1 advertisement on the homepage - for at least 1 year for the price of EUR 200,- plus VAT, please send

  • your logo as a jpg or png file with a max. width/height of 300 pixels,
  • your web and email address, and
  • the accompanying text (text length: max. 150 characters)
    to Hans-Peter Sander hp.sander{bei}

The publication of your link will be automatically extended by one year, unless you cancel your link booking within 4 weeks before the expiry date of your booking.

For further information, please contact

Hans-Peter Sander
Tel: +49-(0)8807 / 94 90 94
e-mail: hp.sander{bei}

The ICV does not have its own job exchange, but works closely with the large job advertisement portal STEPSTONE. If you post an advertisement there that is of interest to the controllers / controlling / CFOs department, it will automatically be displayed in the specialist job portal (language: German) that has been specially created for us and is only displayed on our site.

If you have set an open position for controllers / CFOs in Stepstone and you are an ICV Functionary, ICV Member or ICV Corporate Member, we would be happy to advertise this position in our ICV media. Please send us a message to web{bei}